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Boys Ranch Town Converts to CNG

Boys Ranch Town is grateful for the generosity of Chesapeake Energy. The Ranch received a grant to convert one of their pickups, a 2012 Ford F-150 to Compressed Natural Gas. The Ranch also owns a 12-passenger cottage van that was previously converted to CNG.

Since Chesapeake’s gift in the fall of 2012 to convert the pickup to CNG, Campus Administrator, Brent Thackerson, says Boys Ranch Town has already saved $2,600 in the GGE, Gallon Gas Equivalent of gasoline.

Boys Ranch Town received from another donor a Fuelmaker, the machine that can be used at a home or business to fill CNG vehicles. The Ranch uses their Fuelmaker to fill up the F-150 and the 12 passenger van, saving even more on the cost of CNG. Now that the conversion is complete on the F-150, the Ranch will be using it in many different roles by putting the most miles on it vs. their other gasoline vehicles to get the most value out of the CNG fuel conversion.

Boys Ranch Town wishes to thank Chesapeake Energy for their generosity by providing the grant and helping Boys Ranch Town save in fuel cost.

March, 2013

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