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Brady and Strawberry… Encouragement

By Jennifer Kloeppel

Brady and StrawberryHave you ever noticed how a boy beams when you give them and “thata boy?” That boy will try harder, come out of his comfort zone and excel beyond our greatest expectations, if only given a chance. Did you know that animals thrive on praise as well and they need a “thata boy or girl?” I have had the pleasure and honor to witness this so often!

Envision a cute quarter pony who is mostly white with a few brown splotches. Strawberry is her name and naughtiness is her game! Envision also a handsome young man who wants nothing more than to ride that pony but she is very ill-behaved. Just like people, horses sometimes make wrong choices and, and if they are never shown a better way, they will continue to make wrong decisions. 

Strawberry needed someone to show her the right way and encourage her. Brady made the choice to show her she is valued and loved and that she can make right decisions. Everyday Strawberry continues to do the right thing, Brady praises her and cares for her needs. I love hearing, “Good girl, Strawberry, good girl!”Each day they grow closer, a relationship is built. That relationship that enriches not just the pony, but also Brady! His investment in this pony teaches him about how to open his heart and to be dependable, encouraging, and a faithful friend to those around him.

July, 2015

(Resident’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.)

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