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Boys Ranch Town Services

PROGRAM GOAL: The primary goal is reunification of a resident with his family. If family reunification is not a viable option, Boys Ranch Town (BRT) can provide a home until graduation from high school.

PROGRAM: Boys Ranch Town's program offers family-style living in a cottage of eight residents with a married couple serving as houseparents. Residents participate with the houseparents in making their home a safe, comfortable place to live. Their time and activities are organized to help them learn responsibility and caring in a structured living situation.

The Level System is an important part of the program. Residents enter the Ranch on Level 1 and move up in level based on behavior, school, and cottage performance. Each level move brings added privileges and gives them more freedom.

CRITERIA FOR SERVICE: Residents come to live at BRT between the ages of 7 and 15 and may continue to live at the Ranch until high school graduation if needed. The average length of stay is approximately 18 months. The program is designed for residents capable of the physical and mental demands of ranch life.

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