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Applications for Placement

Thank you for considering Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children to meet your out of home placement needs. We understand that this decision may be a difficult one, no matter what the circumstances are. We hope that our online forms will help you with the first steps of the application process.

Instructions (important - please read!)

The applications are divided into SECTIONS and you should understand that you will need to complete all required [*] questions in each section before moving on to a different section. Although not lengthy, we understand that you may run across a question that you may need to answer later, or you may need to be away from your computer for a while, so we are requiring that you create a user account on our site. This will allow you to save the form as you go and then return to it at a later time to complete and submit. After your form has been submitted, please expect a response from us within a 2-3 business days.

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Application for Placement

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Your gifts help provide hope to children and families.