Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Boys Ranch Town, Edmond

Boys Ranch Town (BRT) is a 145-acre working ranch located in a rural setting within the city limits of Edmond. The campus contains modern cottages, each with a capacity for eight residents and a married couple serving as houseparents. The family arrangement in the cottage models how a Christian household should operate. Each cottage contains a spacious living room, kitchen, and dining room for family style dinners. It also has a laundry room, four bedrooms, each with a private bath and an apartment for the houseparents and their family. In most cases two residents share a room and a bathroom.

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An Active Environment

Boys Ranch Town offers many activities for residents including 4-H, animal programs, sports, crafts, trail rides, campouts and rodeos. The campus has a gymnasium and a swimming pool. The residents attend Edmond Public Schools and are encouraged to participate in school activities such as FFA, JROTC, band and school sports.

A Ranch Environment

The animal programs include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and a petting zoo. Residents learn to accept responsibility by working with the animals which are dependent on them for care. Taking care of the animals helps them develop patience and fosters caring, compassionate attitudes towards others and themselves. Through the consistent routine of these programs and the lessons learned in working with animals, they develop good habits that will benefit them at home, at school and at work.

A Christian Environment

The Ranch's Christian-based program encourages each resident to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each cottage attends a local Southern Baptist church. The residents are not required to join a church, become a Baptist or make any religious decision or commitment. Each resident is encouraged to participate as much as he likes in church activities and programs. Houseparents conduct daily devotions in the cottages and biblical principles are taught.

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