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Tresa Beavers

Tresa Beavers


Hope Pregnancy Center, OKC-South
Contact Information
Hope Pregnancy Center
1624 SW 82nd
Oklahoma City, OK 73159
(405) 688-8700
Tresa Beavers

After several years in the business world, Tresa Beavers believed the Lord was calling her back into ministry. She came to work for OBHC as the receptionist for the OKC Campus in 2014. After a tour at Hope Pregnancy Center South in 2015, Tresa fell in love with the ministry and knew the Lord was calling her to be involved at Hope.

“I knew I needed to share my story,” Tresa said. “Twenty years ago, I went to a clinic for a free pregnancy test. I was in Bible College with three children and my youngest was 6 months old. When the nurse told me that my test was positive and I was three months pregnant, I began to cry and was very overwhelmed at having another baby so soon. The nurse said she could give me a phone number to help me ‘take care of it’.” When thinking of her experience that day at the clinic, Tresa often thinks, “if only these women knew of Hope Pregnancy Center.”

Tresa’s desire is that all women who are overwhelmed at a positive pregnancy test have the opportunity to receive truthful information on their pregnancy options, and have the opportunity to learn about Christ’s love for them.

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