Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Mother and Child Program

Young mother and her daughter in the AMC program at Owasso CampusOklahoma Baptist Homes for Children strives to demonstrate God’s love by providing hope to children and their families, and this sometimes means helping them as they transition into independent living and adulthood. Many of the girls who have lived at our maternity home do not have a positive home environment to return to after the birth of their babies. OBHC recognized this as an important need that was not being met by Oklahoma child care organizations and, in 2003, decided to extend the ministry to include teen mothers and their children.

Cottage Living

Cottages with live-in houseparents provide supervision, parenting training, and independent life skills training in a family style environment. Each cottage has a capacity of eight residents.

Transitional Living Apartments

Residents may be able to transition to one bedroom apartments to continue their progress towards independence. Here they continue to work on educational and vocational goals while learning and practicing parenting skills.

The Bradshaw Apartments provide the opportunity to learn more about adult responsibilities and will address many needs that arise for teen moms and infants during the transition to adulthood.

The campus provides a Developmental Center for the infants and toddlers on a limited basis to assist the mothers in the journey to meet parenting, educational and vocational goals in their individualized plans of care.

The goal is to teach good parenting skills, while guiding them toward becoming independent, capable young women. Then, hopefully, any learned negative trends will finally be broken when they learn about Christ's unconditional love, as modeled through loving and supportive staff.

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