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Maternity Home

Young mother and babyOur Maternity Home is a place of refuge for adolescent women who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our primary purpose is to offer a safe and healthy environment to a young woman while she makes decisions concerning her future and that of her unborn child. The home provide basic residential services, prenatal care, parenting education, and independent living skills training, while helping to restore hope, direction and fulfillment to the lives of young women seeking help. This ministry offers a loving alternative to abortion, thus protecting the baby’s right to life. The young woman’s experience should encourage her to bring her unborn child into the world, wanting to share this same love with the child God has given her.

Since opening in 2001, the maternity home at Owasso has provided a welcome retreat to many adolescent girls who have found themselves in need of out of home placement during a pregnancy. The cottage is supervised by staff houseparents and provides a supportive family style environment while the expectant mother receives prenatal care. She will have the opportunity to learn and practice parenting skills and receive counseling and guidance on personal issues. The residents continue their educational opportunities and participate in various life skills training courses.

The cottage has a warm, home-like atmosphere that enables young women and their children to be as comfortable and secure as possible during their residence. There are programs designed to meet the needs of any young woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, regardless of race, national origin or economic status.

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