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Children's Hope Program

for Single Mothers

single mom and daughterPROGRAM GOAL: We believe in the sanctity of the family and we desire to assist mothers in crisis to keep their children with them in a safe, stable and loving environment. Our goal is to assist the mother with necessary skills to transition into having a successful, independent and hopeful future for their family. The goal of Baptist Children's Home through the Children's Hope program is to provide a safe and stable living environment in a Christian atmosphere and mentor our residents into a loving, secure, capable family unit with a hopeful future.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Children's Hope offers cottage style, multi-family living for up to four families per cottage. Each family, consisting of a mother and her children, has a private bedroom and bathroom, but must share a common living, dining area, kitchen, playroom, and utility room. Each cottage is monitored by a Family Advisor, who lives in an attached apartment and assists the mother through guidance and encouragement with:

  • Parenting skills
  • Money management
  • Spiritual needs
  • Personal needs
  • Relational needs
  • Helping the mothers with their responsibility for caring for their children in our cottage.

  • Criteria for service.

    A mom who to comes to live at the Children's Hope Program at OBHC:

    - Is 18 years old or older.
    - Is committed to improving her parenting skills through positive response guidance from BCH staff.
    - Able to positively interact with caregivers and other children living in the home.
    - Able to attend a public school.
    - Must commit to leave behind any bad habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. - habits that hinder her focus on improving parenting skills.
    - Is a single mother who is fully separated from the entanglements of an ex-husband or boyfriend in order to fully focus on being a good mother.
    - Is required to commit to improving job skills through schooling or to obtain employment within a career path plan.
    - Must attend church services and agree to become involved in a counseling process.
    - Is not provided with any BCH childcare services and children are never permitted on campus without mother present.
    - Is required to attend a weekly Living Skills Class* that includes topics such as:
        - Parenting
        - Financial planning
        - Relational and emotional well being
        - Other assorted classes offered throughout the year.

    * Note: Family Advisors care for the mother's children while they attend these training opportunities.

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