Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Basic Care Services

PROGRAM GOAL: The primary goal is reunification of a resident with their family. If family reunification is not a viable option, Baptist Children’s Home, OKC (BCH-OKC) can provide a home for the resident until graduation from high school.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Baptist Children’s Home, Oklahoma City’s program offers family-style living in a cottage of eight residents with a married couple serving as houseparents. Residents participate with the houseparents in making their home a safe, comfortable place to live. Their time and activities are organized to help them learn responsibility and caring in a structured living situation. They are encouraged to participate in a multitude of activities such as school, church, campus and community activities.

BCH-OKC is a Christian-based program where each resident is encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each cottage attends a local Southern Baptist church and residents are involved in a variety of church related activities. Houseparents conduct daily devotions in the cottages and biblical principles are taught.

Many residents who come to BCH-OKC are frustrated with a record of low grades in school and being behind in school. With a good partership with Moore Public School, who provide the educational services to BCH-OKC, very often we see them show a dramatic improvement in their school work and subsequently in their self-esteem. Each resident attends public school and are provided tutors during the school year.

Residents may continue to live at the campus until high school graduation if needed. The average length of stay is approximately 18 months. An after-care program is available for those who show a need and desire to positively better their lives through post secondary education.

Criteria for Service:

Children who choose to come to live at BCH-OKC are:

  • Boys 6-9 and girls 6-17 (Exception for sibling groups)
  • Willing to accept placement
  • Able to positively interact with caregivers and other children living in the home
  • Able to attend a public school
  • Willing to participate in a Southern Baptist Church
  • Of legal guardianship who are agreeable to their child's placement

BCH-OKC is not equipped to meet the needs of children who are:

  • Severely mentally or physically disabled
  • Violent or destructive towards themselves or others
  • Physically or sexually aggressive
  • Substance abuser
  • Emotionally or behaviorally disturbed to the point of requiring in-patient treatment or extensive therapy
  • In need of special educational programs other than tutoring or LD (Learning Disabled) such as:
    • ED
    • SED
    • MR
    • EMH
    • Not willing to attend school or who have had a history of school suspensions, expulsions or truancy. These children are not usually appropriate for placement, and are generally referred to facilities that offer on-campus education.

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