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Therapeutic Animal Program

Dennis Todd

The Therapeutic Animal program has been an integral part of Baptist Home for Girls since its beginning in 1976. The Therapeutic Animal program consists of show animals, feed animals, and the Animal Learning Center. This program is currently being overseen by Dennis Todd. Mr. Todd is a veteran of the Baptist Home for Girls’ Therapeutic Animal program for over 16 years. In that time the girls have shown sheep, beef, pigs, goats, and at one time, chickens. Baptist Home for Girls has had some very good results in past shows, such as a Grand Champion pig and sheep and Reserve Grand Champion goat and beef, along with several that have made the big ring at the Oklahoma City Show.

Showing at the Premium Sale.The Therapeutic Animal program has a history that is rich with girls who gain a new understanding of life, responsibility and hard work. While working with the Therapeutic Animal program, girls receive an opportunity to learn teamwork, improve socialization skills and maintain a commitment. The girls begin working with their show animals between the ages of birth to three months for pigs, at four months for sheep and goats, and at seven months for beef. The dedication of each girl to their animal is important for the success of each animal. Each girl is also a member of 4-H and FFA organizations.

The Therapeutic Animal program’s benefits extend to the girls in many ways, but it does not end there. The Therapeutic Animal program at Baptist Home for Girls also supplies a material benefit to the campuses of Oklahoma Baptist Home for Children in the form of beef and pork. This monetary benefit allows Baptist Home for Girls to be good stewards of what God has supplied.

Primping before the show.The animals at Baptist Home for Girls are both bred at the campus as well as given as donations by ranchers and friends. Some animals are donated for the girls to raise and show, while other animals are donated to be used as meat for the campuses. Both donations are greatly appreciated by the girls and staff. The Therapeutic Animal program also has many everyday needs as well, such as feed, show supplies and other animal equipment.

If you have any questions about the Therapeutic Animal program at Baptist Home for Girls please e-mail Dennis Todd or call him at 580-564-3052. If you would like to discuss any donations to this program or any other donations please email Stephen Wiese or call the Baptist Home for Girls' office at 580-564-2218.

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