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Baptist Home for Girls Programs

Baptist Home for Girls offers a wide array of programs for its residents. These programs further the goal of developing a "capable, caring, Christian adult." The programs offered to the girls include the Therapeutic Animal Program, Speechless, In the Name of Jesus Projects, and many others. These programs are an important and integral part of the life of the residents of Baptist Home for Girls.

Therapeutic Animal Program

Therapeutic Animal Program allows girls to participate in the raising and showing of sheep, goats, pigs and beef at county and state livestock shows. This is one of the most popular programs at Baptist Home for Girls among the girls and staff. This program teaches responsibility, determination, diligence, and the value of hard work.

The Therapeutic Animal Program provides the necessary beef and pork required by Baptist Home for Girls as well as contributing to the other campuses in the OBHC family.


Speechless is a program that allows the girls to give to others through the art of sign language in Christian song and music. The goal is a witness to the glory of God through the talents of the girls as given to them by God. The girls bond together in teamwork and provide emotional and spiritual support as they minister.


The Education Program promotes growth in every area of a young lady's life, including individual, academic and spiritual. Individual growth is developed though training classes such as Girl to Womanhood and the Esther Institute. Academic growth is promoted as the girls attend Madill High School, receive tutoring and benefit from college scholarships. Spiritual growth is promoted through daily cottage devotionals as well as attendance and participation at local Southern Baptist Churches.

In the Name of Jesus Projects

In the Name of Jesus Projects allow the girls to give back to the community. Each year the girls invest over 5,000 hours into In the Name of Jesus Projects. For 2007, the campus contributed 5013 hours of volunteer time within the community. Through the process of serving others, the girls learn how to have the servant's heart that God desires for each of us. The girls enjoy getting out into the community and meeting and serving a variety of people. The residents look forward to being available to the community when needed.

If you would like to help or discuss any of our programs please contact the campus at 580-564-2218.

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