Brotherhood on the Ranch

“Once you get to know everyone, you realize everyone else has been through hard times like you… so we can all share those feelings and help each other.”

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The Future Looks Bright

The Future Looks Bright - How One Young Man is Impacting Others for Christ

“I started seeing BRT as my home,” said Joseph. “My trust for those at BRT continued to develop, and I now know everyone here wants the best for us.”

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A Calling to Come Home

Houseparents James and Carol McClure

“Even on the really hard days, I still feel like we’re called to be here. I just have a peace knowing we are where God is calling us to be. This is our home.”

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Mother’s Legacy, Daughter’s Passion

Sylvia Boothe at Crisis Pregnancy Center

In 1984, Sylvia Boothe became the director of the first pregnancy center in the state for Oklahoma Baptists. The impact of her passion and leadership within Oklahoma pregnancy centers is still alive today.

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A Good Story

Tinlee and her sister, Leila are grateful to live at OBHC. “My mom is happy again. So she can help us and have fun with us. It makes us feel safe like when my dad was alive.”

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Space to Grow

“I’ll at least stay until I’m eighteen. It’s good here, and my relationship with my mom is healthy now…I like the school I go to, I enjoy the things I get to do, and I love the people I live with.”

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Truly Blessed

“I feel like I can talk to my house parents about anything. It doesn’t matter what it is, if we tell them we need them, they say, ‘Okay, let’s sit down and talk.’ Then they listen and offer suggestions until they help us get everything figured out.”

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Important Work

“I think the thing I appreciate about Hope is that they are not judgmental in any way about anything. Jordan and I were both raised in Christian homes, but not everyone is, and they are there for everyone.”

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Sebastian’s Big Family

Cheyenne and Sebastian

Juelye arranged for Cheyenne to see her son every Friday while in rehab. “It kept me going. She even made a little scrapbook full of all the things I was missing…including his footprints.” She prayed to God saying, “If I’m supposed to be Sebastian’s mom, please help me. Please show me the way.”

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This is Hope Events Share Vision and Message of Hope

‘This is Hope’ events in OKC and Tulsa were both a success! Those who attended listened to moving testimonies, heard a heartbeat from a live ultrasound and were encouraged to join in the work to make Hope Pregnancy Center a household name.

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