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The Most Touching Thank You Note You’ll Ever Read

by Reighna Priest
First published: OBHC Blog | March 12, 2014

Reighna knew two things for sure: she wanted a family, and she wanted to be loved. All the desires of her heart were satisfied when she came to live at Baptist Homes for Girls in Madill. Now, she is saying “thank you” to all the friends of OBHC who have helped make her dreams possible. This is the story of the day “all her dreams came true.”

ReighnaLiving at Baptist Home for Girls, I gained a family; Stephen and Starla Wiese and their three precious daughters. I wanted them to be my parents. They so lovingly took me in like I was their own, and it meant the entire world to me. Through the example of their own marriage, I learned what qualities to look for in my future husband; I found those qualities in Dexter Priest.

It all started when I received a friend request from Dexter on Facebook. We quickly became friends and one day, he politely asked for my phone number. Dexter seemed sweet and well- mannered, so I decided I wanted to really get to know him. We talked for hours about where we stood spiritually, sharing our testimonies and our love for the Lord.

At that moment, I knew I was going to marry this guy! He was everything I had prayed for- and more. We waited six months to go on our first date. It was time well worth it. It allowed us to spend time with family, get to know each other better, and be accountable to each other and God.

Reighna and Dexter prayingWhen Dexter asked me to marry him, it was the sweetest proposal you could ever imagine! He invited our family and friends to church one Sunday morning and asked me to marry him! Of course, without a doubt in my mind, I said, “YES!” He wanted to begin our relationship on Christ alone and for Him to be our foundation.

Many friends of Baptist Home for Girls helped us plan for our big day. I felt so blessed that God placed so many people in my life to be there for me. I had the fairytale wedding every girl dreams of. My dream came true because of kind, special people like you! I am thankful for BHG for giving me my family- a family that loves and supports me and was there to give me away as their own daughter on the day all my dreams came true.

I met Paul and Charla Priest through their service as houseparents at BHG. Now, two years later, I am blessed to have them as my in-laws. They welcomed me with open arms into their family and treat me as if I am theirs. I love them dearly and I am honored to call them family.

If it wasn’t for Baptist Homes for Girls and the way that God has used this ministry in my life, none of these miracles could have happened. Thank you for taking care of me all of these years. I love you all.

From HIS parents… by Paul & Charla Priest

The day came for them to meet face to face. When Reighna walked in, Dexter’s face lit up. With their first date being months away on Reighna’s 18th birthday, an old fashioned courtship began. Girls, houseparents, and staff watched as their love grew. Dexter saved up his money, and he bought Reighna a ring.

Reighna-wedding with houseparentsAt the wedding, the Lord provided everything. He even gave us a gentle breeze for the outdoor ceremony taking place in the heat of June. Reighna was breathtakingly beautiful in her white dress, veil and pearls. Dex was ruggedly handsome in his suit jacket, black hat, and cowboy tie.

Reighna is above and beyond what Dex could have hoped for in a wife. She loves the Lord and His word. God has given her a special gift in music to sing His praises. She is a combination of poise, beauty, intelligence and grace; but also loves hunting, fishing, and baseball- almost as much as Dex.

We have so much appreciation for Baptist Home for Girls. We are so thankful to Stephen and Starla Wiese for raising her in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

From HER parents… by Stephen & Starla Weise

Reighna moved into our cottage four months after her 13th birthday… We like to say, “We got her as a four-month-old teenager.” She believed that God had a plan for her life, and she believed that our cottage was right where she belonged. We got to experience many memory-making milestones with Reighna from birthdays to Christmases, camping trips to cottage vacations, first day of school each year, to prom & graduation.

We also experienced all the talks about longing for a family, about dating, and about seeking God. As she approached her 18th birthday, she realized God had answered her prayers for a family by putting her here. Reighna-with housedadShe had longed for a mom and dad, and she needed only to claim us. We are thrilled to claim her as well. It feels so strange to have a daughter such a short time and then be asked to give her away, but maybe that is how all parents feel.

For Reighna’s wedding, there was such an out-pouring of love. It amazed us. So many people offered to help with whatever they could. It’s because of you and this ministry that our relationship was possible. Because of you, her wedding day was everything she’d hoped for.


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