Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Former Resident of our Oklahoma City Campus

Patti Compton Hanni
1960 to 1964

The Baptist Home was a safe haven for me.  I was in the orphan’s home in Pryor, OK, then adopted from Oklahoma City when I was 2.  I never heard from them until I was 19.  My adopted family was good to me although my parents were alcoholics.  My dad died in '59 and my mother became seriously ill the same year.

I was passed around the family for a few months until sometime in early 1960 when I was dropped off at the Baptist Home.  It had been a troubled time for me a lot had happened to a 12 year old and now I thought my world had caved in on my head.  On the contrary, the Baptist Home saved me.  I was the 2000th child admitted and everyone treated me as though I was special and that gave me a feeling that maybe I did belong.  I grew up at the home, made friends and a lot of lasting memories. 

Mr. Browning was the outstanding memory, Jean Hack another and Miss Mildred.  I always looked up to and admired Rachael Capps. I loved going to Falls Creek, to Church and learned to love school.  I worked in the 11 year old boys cottage, cooking.  That taught me a lot about myself.  I learned about God and how he blesses us each day, learned to cook, learned to sew, and learned how to become a productive person in life.  I owe a lot to the Baptist Home and will never forget my days there or the friends I made.

After leaving the Home, I was reconnected with my Biological family.  Growing up as an only child and at 23 finding out there were 14 of us children brought light to the reason I was sent on the path I followed through my growing years!  That was a shock.  I always thought I wanted a brother or sister, but 13 was a bit overwhelming!  I have loved every minute of rebuilding our relationships.

Thank you to the Baptist Home for giving me a stable place to find myself and know that you don’t have to be a biological parent to love a child.

Patti Compton Hanni

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