Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Former Resident of our Oklahoma City Campus

Evie (Thurlby) Fish
1961 to 1964

I don’t remember the exact dates when I lived in the Baptist Childrens Home… 1961 – 1964…under the administration of Mr. Browning.

For me it was deliverance from a life of hell (abuse) to heaven. I appreciated the opportunity to finish high school and make something of myself. I went on to college to get my B.A. majoring in Fine Arts. After college I worked in full time ministry for 12 years. I married, and now have two grown children. My daughter and I began a Christian art school in Portland, Oregon…Masters School of Art... or msoaonline.com. I’ve also written a book…yea!

I always wanted to help kids, who once like myself, who needed a helping a hand, or a break. My husband and I early in our marriage took in troubled or needy kids for several years. It’s is something I still would like to do. I suppose it was my way of saying, thanks Baptist Children’s Home, and God…I want to give back.

I also appreciated my sponsors, houseparents and people at the home who cared. It was a turning point in my life… I just wanted to say thank you!!!!

Evie Fish | Please contact me by email.

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