Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Former Residents of the Owasso Campus

Kim Whiteley

(With sisters, Kelli and Kira and brother, Michael)

My father found a place to help us, and we moved into the Children's Home. My earliest memory of the Children's Home is security. I felt safe and secure because there was an adult in the house twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There was always someone to make breakfast, there were snacks after school, and someone to cook dinner every night. That was not something we had experienced in a long time.  More...

Michelle Coefield-Kyser
1979 to 1982

My name is Michelle Kyser, I lived at BCH from 1979-1982 and often talk about my experience at the Children’s Home. I would love to do some volunteer work for the home but I’m living in Alabama now. I have some good stories to tell about the home, but I had wonderful house parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ussery, that made my stay there pleasant.

I will send you a letter as soon as I have some free time to sit down and think about those days, that was a long time ago!! The one thing I do remember is that the Ussery’s were wonderful house-parents and they were great to me! I loved them very much and have fond memories of sitting on his lap and talking, crying, or just watching T.V., they both have big hearts for kids who just needed someone to show them love. I could go on and on about them, but I will in my letter.

There are several people that lived in my house that I would love to get a hold of but have no idea where they are now. 

Michelle Coefield | 295 Pine Tree Lane, Daleville, AL 36322 | 334-379-7500 cell

Steve Bolay

(With my brother J.D. Bolay)

When my brother and I came to the BCH - Owasso back in 1986, we were both uneasy and I think scared but our house parents really made us feel welcome, along with the other teens residing there. JD and Betty Harris were stern but good people. We were saddened when they left to go back to Abilene, TX.

My memories from the children’s home were of hanging out with Tommy, ( aka Jordan),  and Eddie playing basketball and hanging out. I remember this one girl I really liked named Jan Carter. There was also Michelle, Laura, and Tina who resided in our cottage as well.

I also worked at the Baptist Retirement Home after school every day and I solely remember this one elderly lady that waited for me every afternoon to come by while vacuuming the hallways and she would pay me a few dollars for doing such a good job. I will never forget that or any of the other lessons and friends I made during that time.

Thank you BCH for being there for me and my brother when we really needed it.

Steve Bolay

Steve Bolay | Tulsa, OK 74103 | 918-547-4621

(The surnames shown here are the ones these people had during the
time they lived at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.)

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