Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children


Former Residents of the Oklahoma City Campus

Imogene Wilder Pierce
1939 to 1950

I have a younger sister, Irene Wilder McMillan, lived in the girls building, a brother, Benny Lee Wilder and he lived in the boys Building. My house mother was Mrs. Stump and when she left Irene took over. We were furnished free music lessons by the Men’s Bible Class of the First Baptist Church in Oklahoma City and the teacher was Nixon. Mrs. Edith Stinson was the main person over everyone and lived in the Office Building, upstairs were their apartments, etc. Also Mr. Maxey but he lived in a house down by the swimming pool with his wife and family. I graduated from John Marshall in l950 and went to Trinity Baptist Church the whole time I lived at the Home. Sang in the Choir also. Virginia Avenue Baptist from Bartlesville clothed me the full time that I was at the Home and they saw that I never did without anything that I needed.

I worked and lived in Tulsa, OK until January, 1980. I worked as a Physical Therapist, then a doctor asked if I would come and work for him in a single girl office. Worked myself up to working for 3 OB-Gyn doctors and was office manager of 6 girls for 23 yrs. Until my husband John was transferred to Houston, Texas in January, l980. He worked for Amoco Oil in the International department and traveled all over the Middle East and some.  He retired in February, l995. Started teaching in a 2 yr. college for 5 years when on a business trip to Florida he suffered a stroke that affected his right side.

I am still singing in the choir, am a director in Sunday School for the age group of 60 – 75 and really enjoying it. We now have 3 children, 2 boys – Chuck who lives in Sugar Land, Tx. and has his own Landscaping business. Michael – lives in Tulsa and has his on Centrificul business. The girl, Jonna, lives in Moore, OK. We have 4 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren and expecting the 14th one in November, 2014.

I am planning on coming to Homecoming in 2014 and hope that a lot of the ones that were in the home when I was will be there.  If you have addresses or emails of any of them, I would appreciate it if you could send or email them to me.

Looking forward to seeing all,
Imogene Wilder Pierce

Lena (Holaday) Duerr

1941 to 1955

I lived at the Baptist Home in Oklahoma City from May 12, 1941 until 1955 with my 3 sisters Sue Engles, Norma Emmons and Mae Penn. I enlisted in the Marine Corps October 1956 and married Ronald G Duerr February 1958. My husband was in the Marine Corps for 27 years and served in the Korean War and Vietnam. We have 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

I lost my husband to cancer in 2006. My sisters and I enjoy the reunions at the home every 2 years. We are very grateful for the life the home gave us.


Lola (Capps) Hambrick
1956 to 1960

I came to the Baptist Children’s Home in 1956 and spent four years at the campus at 63rd and Western. I became an R.N., married a Baptist preacher and raised four children.  In 1980 we worked at the Home as house parents. After retiring from nursing four and one half years ago, I am now working at the Home as the Coordinator of the Mother/Child Program. My story covers more than a 50 year association with the Children’s Home.

Andra L. Baker
1957 to 1958

I lived at your home in about 1957-58.  I was about 2 or 3 years old... My first memories in life are from your home in OKC and are centered mostly around a wonderful and precious woman we called "Mama Betty." I am wondering if this might be Betty Bishop, whom I read about on your website, as she would have been there during this time. I only have about 3 solid memories from your home, but they are each very positive and warm. More...

Connie Sue Leeper

My name is Connie Sue Leeper. I was in the Oklahoma City Baptist home in 1958.
I am looking for any records about me.

Thanks, Connie

Christy (Bardin) King
1958 to 1968

I spent 10 years in OBHC from 1958-1968. I will add more when time permits.

Patti Compton Hanni
1960 to 1964

I am Patti Compton Hanni, and I was the 2000th child admitted to the Baptist Home.  The Baptist Home was a safe haven for me.  I was in the orphan’s home in Pryor, OK, then adopted from Oklahoma City when I was 2.  I never heard from them until I was 19.  My adopted family was good to me although my parents were alcoholics.  My dad died in '59 and my mother became seriously ill the same year. I was passed around the family for a few months until sometime in early 1960 when I was dropped off at the Baptist Home.  More...

Evie (Thurlby) Fish

1961 to 1964

I don’t remember the exact dates when I lived in the Baptist Childrens Home… 1961 – 1964… under the administration of Mr. Browning.

For me it was deliverance from a life of hell (abuse) to heaven.  More...

Jerry Fuller
1964 to 1967

I would love to hear from any alumni. Thank you and God bless these wonderful institutions.

Rose Tribble-Jackson
1967 to 1970

(With siblings, Sandra, Janet, David and Timmy Tribble.)

My name is Rose Tribble-Jackson.  Myself and siblings were at the OKC campus.  Mr. Browning was the administrator.  I was in Kerr and Rienard cottages.  I have been trying to find old friends.


Beth (Gabriel) Dean
1968 to 1974

(With brothers, Dale and Gene and sister, Denise.)

Ron Ford
1968 to 1974

My name is Ron Ford.  I lived at the Okc campus from 1968-1974 with my sister Linda and my brother David. We lived at the Anderson cottage. You can contact me by email.


Gene Gabriel
1968 to 1974

(Lucas Cottage - with brother, Dale and sisters, Beth and Denise.)

Sadly, we have received word that Gene Gabriel (Donald Eugene Gabriel Jr. passed away unexpectedly February 9, 2010.  He is survived by his wife, Robin, one son, Sander (Sandy) from Duncan, Oklahoma, one daughter, Abby, of the home.  Two sisters, Denise Hurley of Lubbock, Texas and Beth Dean of Chickasha, Oklahoma. One brother, Dale Gabriel of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A memorial service was held on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 7:00 pm in Daleville, Indiana.

Jimmy Branson Sr.
1968 to 1975

I lived at the Childrens Home for a long time on and off. I started living in the Reinard cottage then Scott cottage, ending up in the Lucas cottage from 1968-1975. During the stay I tried to live with my father and various foster homes. I truly think that being at the Childrens, and foster homes, saved my life.  In Jesus name -

Jimmy Branson Sr. | 144 Del Mar Cir., Apt. # 21, Aurora, CO 80011 | 720-882-2723

Dale Brown
1969 to 1976

Jim Brown
1969 to 1971

Debbie Tapparo

I was at the home 1974 - 1976 and lived on the first floor of Kerr Cottage with Mr. & Mrs. Wilson. My name was Debbie Schroth at that time. I've found several fellow alumni in the past year and it has been a blessing to reconnect.

Diane Rogers
1974-1976 (?)

My name is Diane Rogers. My brother Tim Rogers & myself lived at the children's home back in the 70's. 74 to 76 I think. I don't really remember exactly. We lived in the Lucas cottage. Sometimes I wonder how the people I new then are doing now. I wish we would have stayed till we were of age. Im sure our childhood's would have brought back better memories. Glad we were there while we were.

Lee Hogan

Hello my once family,

I've been thinking about my days that I spent in the Baptist Children's home and can proudly say that these were some of the best. My sister,younger brother and I stayed between 1979-1981 give or take. I do remember the closing of the campus in Nickels Hills I believe. I lived in a cottage with my brother, I can not remember the name but my "den" mother was Mama Betty. Loved her, she was strong but fair. The next cottage was Scott, Mrs Powers was my den mother. Loved her too, she gave me so much in life for the short time she was in my life.The last cottage I stayed in was Lucas but I don't remember too much of this cottage except it was more of a family home. Paul was my roommate.

Memories for me were great here. We as children got to do things that children with parents didn't get to do, like stay the night at Oklahoma State University then the next day go to the game. Wow, What a time. We had a gym we could meet our friends to go skating. I even got to be the flag raiser for the home.

I would love to see some of my old "roomies".

Thank you very much for saving my life.

Lee Hogan

Cindy Case

I lived in Kerr Cottage from 82-89... the Rogers were my first house parents... Shortly there after Mr. and Mrs. Smith came. I am grateful and blessed that I came to be at the home. Yes, I still call it HOME., because it is where I learned how to be a person.. It is there I learned that when people talk it's ok and not to be afraid... 

It has been a long time since I've seen those whom I lived with in Kerr Cottage... I lived there for almost 8 years...If it wasn't for Mr. and Mrs. Smith showing me how to love I know I wouldn't be here today... I thank God daily for the experiences I had there. I am proud to have been there with the love I recieved from everyone there!! I saw people come and go...Have talked to a couple of people since I have moved down here from Chicago... I have a family now that I thought I'd never have...I have over come many obsticales that I know I wouldn't have known how to over come if it wasn't for those at The Baptist Childrens Home... All I can really say is thank you for showing me how to love and how to accept love.

My phone is (405)-308-9330
Cynthia D. Case (Cindy)


Kayla McLaughlin

My name is Kayla Wood-McLaughlin. I was at the obch in Moore in 2001-2003. I lived in Kerr Cottage and my house parents were Susan an Gail Hill. I would really like to get in contact with my old house sisters and house parents.

Rowena Curren

Betty Smith

(The surnames shown here are the ones these people had during the
time they lived at Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.)

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