Baby Bottle Campaign

Baby Bottle Campaign


Organizing a SMALL CHANGE BIG IMPACT campaign is a simple way you can provide practical, educational and spiritual support to young men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

To encourage participation:

  • Download resources to promote your SMALL CHANGE BIG IMPACT campaign.
  • Publicize the campaign by inserting the start and end dates on bulletin inserts, posters and flyers.
  • Use the PowerPoint slides as reminders throughout the campaign and announce the end results.

Power Point Slide Images

Hope Pregnancy Center staff are available to help!

North OKC metro:

(405) 342-0556

South OKC metro:

(405) 688-8700


(405) 330-0200

Tulsa metro:

(918) 622-3325


(580) 319-4301

Statewide Assistance: