A Willing Heart

by Heather Clark, Communications Strategist

Gordon and Alma Henderson

What does it take to support a ministry like Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC)? Does it really take a flexible schedule and a large bank account? Two of OBHC’s current supporters show how they became involved with OBHC and that it’s more simple than you may think.

Gordon and Alma Henderson have been supporting OBHC for approximately 30 years. When they first found out about the ministry, they lived just down the road from former OBHC President, Tony Kennedy, where they struck up a friendship and were intrigued by OBHC. Gordon was working as a CPA in public accounting. Before retirement, Alma previously worked for the Department of Childcare as a secretary in social work. Once they heard about OBHC, they became open to the idea of making an impact.

However, this was not Alma’s first memories of OBHC. Back when the Oklahoma City campus was located at N.W. 63rd and Pennsylvania, Alma would join her mother while she volunteered to sew clothes for the children on campus.

“I remember sitting on the floor and playing with my toys while my mother sewed. They would tell me about the children and I would sit there and cry because I was so sad at what they were going through in their lives.”

Gordon and Alma Henderson

When Gordon and Alma decided to get involved with OBHC, they initially focused their attention on Boys Ranch Town in Edmond. At the time, Gordon was also serving on a Board of Trustees for an organization that distributed funds to non-profit agencies. As he learned more about OBHC, he helped his organization distribute funds to Boys Ranch Town, providing the campus with a much-needed gift to continue serving children. Gordon and Alma also began offering their ranch to allow residents to hunt turkeys on their property each spring. Gordon says, “Seeing them enjoy their time and do something different was always neat. One of the boys wrote about their experience and I know it meant a lot to them.”

Even though Boys Ranch Town was on the forefront of their minds, once they were introduced to Hope Pregnancy Center, that’s what expanded their knowledge and understanding about all OBHC offers to those in need across the entire state.

“At the time, Hope, Oklahoma City did not have an ultrasound machine and staff to run it. I heard about the critical need for women in Oklahoma City and this brought the ministry of the pregnancy centers to my heart and expanded my thoughts about the corporate organization of OBHC.”

Gordon has furthered his involvement by using his gifts and talents as a CPA and public accounting by joining the OBHC Audit Committee for three terms and has also served on the OBHC Board of Trustees. They continue to be faithful supporters of the Back-to-School Style Show by sponsoring tables and inviting friends to join for the event each year. However, they stand firm that the most impactful difference they make is to cover the ministry, children and families in prayer. Alma says, “We count it a privilege to pray for them. I find it amazing when we reach out to children, that’s when we really need to touch their lives. God does speak to our hearts through service and reading His word. I now have more compassion for people and it has helped me to be thankful in all things.”

Gordon and Alma

If anyone is considering getting involved with OBHC by volunteering or donating, Alma says to just go for it. “It’s fun to see the impact God has on their lives and that He chooses to use OBHC. Just step out and see all the fun ways God works.”

So what does it take to serve and support OBHC? All it really takes is a willing heart. Thank you Gordon and Alma for your ministry to OBHC. You have been a blessing to children.