A Teacher’s Perspective

Teacher and student looking at computer

Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC) recognizes the important role teachers play in changing the direction of children’s lives, and teachers see first-hand the impact OBHC has on their students. Mr. Goodwin has been a middle school teacher for 30 years. Each year, he has 2-3 students from OBHC. He understands the direct link between broken homes and struggles in school. “If there is a disruption in their home life, school is not and many times cannot be, their main priority. Focusing on history, science or any other subject can be very difficult if the stability of their home life is disrupted. Having the stability of OBHC helps these students concentrate on school work and be able to make education more of a priority. Knowing where they’re going after school and that they’re going to have good food and receive love from their houseparents – all these things add to their education.”

Some of Mr. Goodwin’s most rewarding moments are when he sees his students finish OBHC’s plan of care – the educational, behavioral and familial goals they complete while living there. “I love getting to see these students develop throughout the school year. Just to witness their progress in school and behaviorally is very encouraging. Seeing the impact on their lives and knowing they are able to return to their family in a healthier environment is so rewarding.” Above all, Mr. Goodwin appreciates the spiritual environment OBHC offers.

“I truly believe teaching is a spiritual calling on my life. It’s great to know these students are introduced to God and provided a spiritual foundation while living on campus. I pray for God to use me every day to minister to their lives in addition to the foundation I know they are already receiving at OBHC.”

teacher and student

As OBHC gets ready to send nearly 200 children and families back to school, your support provides children the resources they need for school on OBHC’s four campuses. A back-to-school gift provides the essential items needed to start school – new clothing, school supplies, shoes, coats, jackets, books, as well as the resources they get from living at OBHC to succeed in school. Will you give today to provide essential items needed to create a stable environment for learning?