A Queen is Crowned

Krystyna - Prom Queen

“The Queen” enters the room in comfy blue jeans with just socks on her feet, carrying a bag of assorted candy. When Krystyna came to Baptist Home for Girls, she never dreamed that she would be crowned Prom Queen at Madill High School. However, at this year’s “Diamonds are Forever” themed event, she received a title that echoed the love and support so many have for her in school and beyond.

Krystyna is 19-years-old and came to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children when she was 16. She was welcomed into a home where she is deeply loved, encouraged and supported daily. Krystyna is joyfully given the attention and compassion she needs to thrive as a teenage girl.

Comfortable in her surroundings but still a little shy about the interview, Krystyna soon settles into the couch and is eager to talk about her new title. When asked about her reaction to being crowned, Krystyna exclaims, “It surprised me! All my friends at prom voted for me and Mason [Prom King] and now he is talking to me more at school. He gave me a red Gatorade.”


Her fondness for red extends beyond just a drink. “Look at this,” she continues. She extends her perfectly manicured hands to reveal cherry red polish. Each hand is highlighted by a single finger painted in gold and black sparkles—her school colors. In addition to the manicure, Krystyna had her hair and makeup done at a local salon to enhance her natural beauty and feel truly special for the evening. “Everybody said I looked pretty.” I think we would all agree, Krystyna stole the show!

As for the all-important dress, it has a story of its own. Krystyna donned a burgundy, feather-patterned dress picked specially for the occasion. Her favorite part? The details. “My dress had rose gold in it. I tried other dresses that were too short, then I put this one on and liked it a lot. I got it in Texas last year, but prom was cancelled [because of Covid]. So, I wore it this year!” Krystyna accessorized with pink shoes along with a sparkly choker and bracelet, which coordinated nicely with the finishing accessory she won later in the night – a crown fit for a queen!

Describing the prom atmosphere, Krystyna noted that it was very pretty inside. Her favorite thing about the night was “dancing with my friends and the photo booth.” As all good prom nights do, the excitement extended beyond just the main event itself. “I went to the party after the prom.” When prompted to elaborate on the activities of the school-hosted after party, she is quick to add, “I played Bingo, and I won a Keurig!” The Keurig will come in handy, as Krystyna loves to have a cup of coffee from home. According to her associate house mom, Lena Graham, the coffee maker is one thing she can now scratch off her graduation gift list.

Krystyna showning wins at livestock show

Krystyna’s plans after graduation are still uncertain. Other than hanging out with her friends, she dreams of a job working with animals. Krystyna has an evident love for animals, and especially her barrow [a male pig]. She and Bluey, as she fondly calls her barrow, won Grand Champion at last year’s Marshall County Junior Livestock Show. Her love of animals extends to her involvement in the Madill High School agriculture program – another one of her favorite parts of her high school experience. The program is directed by her favorite staff person, Doug Mitchell, whom Krystyna lovingly refers to as “Mr. Doug.”


The teen years are tough even under the best of circumstances, but notably harder without a loving home to call your own and family to support you through the ups and downs of high school. Krystyna has overcome a lot to be where she is today and has been able to find a family and support system to help her every step of the way at Baptist Home for Girls. Her participation in extracurricular activities, like prom and agriculture, is made possible by generous donors who give faithfully to ensure the children in OBHC’s care have every opportunity to experience typical teen life and make memories that last a lifetime. One thing we know for sure? The joy of receiving an honor as big as being crowned prom queen among all of her friends and classmates will be a memory Krystyna will not soon forget. When you pray for our ministry, pray specifically for guidance as Krystyna navigates life after high school, and pray for God’s provision in her future. After all, “The Queen” deserves the best!