2020 in Perspective

A year of chaos, loss and uncertainty. A significant increase in loneliness, political tension, racial unrest, natural disasters, depression, suicide rates, stress and financial difficulties.

Everyone can agree that 2020 has been a challenging and difficult year. However, when OBHC staff took time to truly reflect, amidst the adversity what they discovered was that it was also a year of growth. Not only has the Lord faithfully provided for OBHC during this time, He has worked and is continuing to do amazing things in the lives of staff throughout all OBHC’s ministries.

Many took time in 2020 to enjoy being with children and family, adopt a pet, learn a new hobby, practice cooking or spend more time in nature. So, while the pandemic stole what we know as a “normal” life, reflect with us on how the Lord taught us, strengthened us, challenged us and prepared us.

Here’s what OBHC staff members said they have learned in 2020:

Increased focus on health

“In 2020, it was important for me to use my down time to focus on my personal health. I’m choosing to eat better and exercise more. I’m not just doing this for me or what society tells me I should look like, but because the Lord carefully crafted me into who I am, and it’s important I take care of the temple I’ve been given.”


“2020 has been a hard year for most to say the least, but it was also the year I celebrated my 1-year anniversary of working at OBHC. In this past year, I have seen the ways that people have stepped up and gave of their money, donated items or time volunteering and it has given me immense joy to be a part of such a wonderful corporation with amazing people connected to it. It truly makes me want to be a better person and help in any way I can. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for OBHC and I am grateful God has given me the chance to be a part of helping to change the lives of babies, children and families.”

“Although many things did not go as planned this year, I have become thankful for the stillness and change that 2020 has brought. I have learned a lot about myself, adapted to changes, and most importantly I have seen what incredible things the Lord has done during this unusual time. To me, this year has proven that we cannot rely on the things of this world to bring us satisfaction and joy-but only the Lord who is in control of all things.”


“It is exciting to see such obvious evidence of the Lord going before us and equipping us with what we need before we even know we need it. This year has required each of us to stretch beyond our comfort zones in many ways, but what better place for us to encounter the goodness of our God?”

“The 2020 pandemic situation completely halted all live training provided to foster families through our One Such Child program. This challenge encouraged me to think outside of the box and come up with a different way to assist foster families in receiving training. Within a matter of weeks, we were able to setup an online training platform utilizing videos of a family sermon series. This new training platform has enhanced our OSC program and reached families that we normally have not been able to serve… especially those who reside in rural areas.”

Being present in the moment

“This year has afforded me the opportunity to slow down and be patient with myself and those around me, as well as to be present and make the most of each moment I am given. I have a newfound respect for the beauty of diversity and the thoughts, perspectives and challenges others face. This year has also given me the time to reflect on the fact that love and respect for each other go a long way to creating peace and healing.”

“Though challenging, this year I have seen many blessings. Our family has gotten closer and made many new memories as well as started new traditions going forward.”

The personal growth I have learned this year would be: slow down and enjoy life by the moment. We have seen this year that life is very delicate, so taking care of ourselves and cherishing our loved ones is priority. I have appreciated the family time received during 2020.


“I thought I knew how to be patient. But 2020 taught me to have more of it! Being a mom, wife and friend. Whether it was being cooped up for days on end together at home with a toddler, waiting in long, distant lines somewhere to get something accomplished like it was a Black Friday event, or not getting to see loved ones whenever you want to at church or family gatherings, patience was tested. This year has brought me closer to the Lord in a year where it didn’t seem like there was much light. To trust Him and to have patience.”

We look ahead to 2021 hopeful, resilient and ready to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He calls us. We pray the same for you. Let’s all go into the new year with open hearts and hands, ready to receive and fulfill our calling.

Comment below to share how the Lord has used this year to reveal Himself to you or how you have experienced personal growth!