10-Acre Challenge Sparks Unique Opportunity for Farmers

Combine win a wheat field
Farmers across Oklahoma participate in the 10-Acre Challenge by donating a portion of their crops during harvest season. Photo courtesy High Plains Journal

What is 10-Acre Challenge?

Since 1903, farmers and ranchers have played a vital role in providing for the needs of children in the state by donating crops and livestock to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children (OBHC).

One farmer recently shared his memories when OBHC would bring an old grain truck to his parents’ place in the 1960s. “The truck came empty but left full.” He recalled his father saying. It was important to his dad they share their grain with OBHC so they could feed their cattle and have food and milk throughout the year.

While the needs are the same today, the economy is different. Farmers and ranchers continue to meet these daily needs through their crop donations, but instead of transferring grain back to a campus, it has become far more economic to sell it and utilize the income to meet the daily needs of the children in our care. Farmers now do this through OBHC’s 10-Acre Challenge.

The idea behind the 10-Acre Challenge came from local farmers who desired to help the children at OBHC, but didn’t always have cash flow to share. However, farmers always could find extra grain to share. Those who have donated grain over the years find it to be simple, helpful and rewarding.

How to Participate

With harvest approaching, OBHC is asking farmers to be a part of the 10-Acre Challenge and donate 10 acres of crop production to the ministry. It doesn’t matter what the crop is or how much it produces per acre. Everything helps.

Participating is easy. When it is time to sell the grain, simply let the buyers (co-op, feedlot, grain elevator, mill, etc.) know how much is designated to OBHC. They can contact Rick Choate at (580) 224-7094 or to make arrangements moving forward. OBHC will issue gift-in-kind donation receipts to the farmers for the amount of grain donated. Grain donated to OBHC is sold and used to meet the daily needs of the children in care.

As one farmer put it, “It makes sense. My crops put food on my table and pay my bills, so why shouldn’t they do the same for the children’s home?”

The Impact

Children from OBHC campuses have visited farmers across the state to learn more and experience a harvest, as well as meet farmers who support OBHC through the 10-Acre Challenge.

grains of wheat in the palm of a hand
Tim enjoyed the hands-on experience of the harvest by eating corn straight from the ground. Photo courtesy High Plains Journal

Tim, an OBHC resident, said he enjoyed experiencing the harvest trip. “We got to help harvest grain, eat corn and I got to drive a combine. My favorite part of the trip was getting to meet people who help support OBHC.”

Girl at a harvest
Krysha enjoyed learning about cotton during her harvest experience. Photo courtesy High Plains Journal

Krysha, a resident from another OBHC campus, also went on a harvest trip last summer. “I really enjoyed getting to learn about and pick cotton.” They were taught how cotton is planted, discussed the growing process, as well as all the uses for cotton all over the world. Krysha says, “Thank you for spending time teaching us and the hands-on experience. It means a lot that you would work so hard and donate part of your crop to help us.”

Thanks for your continued support to the ministries of OBHC. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership as OBHC demonstrates God’s love by providing hope through empowering children and their families to follow Christ.

If you would like additional information or would like to participate in the 10-Acre Challenge, contact Rick Choate at (580) 224-7094. Donations can also be mailed to Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, 10-Acre Challenge, 3800 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73112.