Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children
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Baptist Children's Homes

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Better Business Bureau

American Council on Gift Annuities - OBHC sponsors the American Council on Gift Annuities.

Pregnancy Resource Network
The network is a group of evangelical pro-life centers committed to helping one another by providing encouragement, training, and equipping those who are involved in honoring the sanctity of human life.

Kid's Count - KIDS COUNT, a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, is a national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the U.S. By providing policymakers and citizens with benchmarks of child well-being, KIDS COUNT seeks to enrich local, state, and national discussions concerning ways to secure better futures for all children.

Focus on the Family - Dr. James Dobson's web site.

Guidestar - the national database of  U.S. charitable organizations, gathers and
distributes data on more than 850,000 IRS-recognized nonprofits.

Character First! - OBHC uses these training materials weekly:  Character Training Institute (CTI), a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The mission of the Character Training Institute is to encourage true success in businesses, schools, families, communities, and other organizations. With 49 character qualities at its center, Character First! education provides training and resources to promote character development in individuals from all walks of life.

Find a Charity - Local Independent Charities of America

YourNextSpeaker.com - Rhett Laubach works with student organizations and corporations that want to develop their Personal Leadership Intelligence. He is a professional speaker, author, leadership expert and founder/operator of YourNextSpeaker, LLC - a leadership resource for organizations.

Drawing from his 15 years of speaking and training experience, Rhett’s ability to connect with his audience - whether students or professionals and his unprecedented stage energy are second to none. Rhett’s clients include corporations, state and national youth student organizations, chambers of commerce, professional associations and schools.