Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children

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Boys Ranch Town

Contact information:

Boys Ranch Town

5100 E 33rd St
Edmond, OK 73013

Phone: 405.341.3606
Fax:      405.348.3740

About Boys Ranch Town

Boys Ranch Town was a dream in the minds of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Johnson from the time they lost their only son, Jimmy, in 1937. Their dream became a reality in 1953 when the Johnsons gave a gift of money and land on which Boys Ranch Town is located. Since then more than 1,000 boys have called Boys Ranch Town home.

Boys at stock show

The annual BRT Homecoming is a satisfying experience for men who return with their families to renew old acquaintances and reminisce about their experiences at the Ranch.

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Boys Ranch Town's mission is to provide a caring Christian environment where boys learn to care and have a Christ-like love for themselves and others.

John 13:34-35