Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children
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By Angela Sanders


“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” Isaiah 32:18

MirandaFifteen-year-old Miranda has made OBHC her permanent home. Having spent six years here already, she has forged deep and lasting relationships with the adults on campus and the girls in her cottage and hopes that she never has to move again. “What I found here is family,” says Miranda. “Of course, in a lot of ways, it’s not a normal family. There aren’t a lot of families with eight teenage girls who drive around in a big van, you know, but it is a family in all the ways that are really important.”

Having had no contact with her birth parents for a long time, Miranda is very close to her houseparents, Mr. and Mrs. Priest. “I really like the times when it is just me and my houseparents,” Miranda smiles. “They make me feel loved. I didn’t feel loved as a child. Even though my parents were physically there, they weren’t emotionally there. Now I know I can be loved. Looking back now, I see all the things my [stepmom] did that show she didn’t love me. It hurts to remember because I loved her with all my heart. I was a kid. That’s how kids love.”


Miranda is grateful for the love and patience of her houseparents as she continues to heal. “Like every other kid who has gone through the stuff I have, I guess I have my problems. I can be a bit of a knothead sometimes,” Miranda admits. “I’m always going to have scars. Once you think you’re done with the bitterness, you wake up one day and it’s all back. I have typically been a pretty negative person in the past and kind of hard to be around at times, but my houseparents are helping me through it. They’re helping me see that because God is in control of my life now, I have a reason to be positive. Mrs. Priest is really good at that. When she cuts her finger or something, she doesn’t complain. She says, ‘Thank you, God, for letting me know I’m alive!’ When I first heard her say that, I thought it was a great way to look at things. So I try to do that now.”

“[Mr. and Mrs. Priest] have also taught me how to love and how to respect adults,” Miranda continues. “They teach all of us girls how men and women are supposed to treat each other in a relationship. They teach us how to have healthy marriages someday and explain how important it is to wait for marriage. They also teach us about God. The different things that I heard about God before I got here didn’t make sense. What the Priests say makes more sense. When we ask questions, they always try to answer them. They show us what a real relationship with God is supposed to look like. When I start to give up and feel like I’m not good enough for God, they don’t let me give up, but try to encourage me just to grow a little bit each day.”

Miranda is enjoying her life right now. She is in AP (Advanced Placement) classes at school and participates in the OBHC PLC program for student leaders. Also an athlete, Miranda runs track and cross country in which she has All-Stated and received an invitation to compete at the Cross Country Meet of Champions. Concerning her future, she says, “I’ve decided that I’m just going to let God lead my future. I’ve learned that everything that happens is a part of God’s plan for me. He doesn’t promise bad things won’t happen, but He does promise He will be there with you when they do. So, I’m just going to relax and let him have it.”

To those who support OBHC financially, Miranda offers her most heartfelt thanks. “The girls who come through here, whether it’s their idea or not, all leave changed. Without you, I wouldn’t have a home.”

December, 2012